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Secure Assessment Web Portal

Assessment Web Portal One of our Clients performs assessments for potential staff for large companies. The client required a secure web portal to enable their team to log and update assessments. They also wanted to allow the various companies to be able to log in to see assessments which were relevant for their own particular…
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Secure FTP Upload

Recently a client of ours emailed us saying they had undertaken a security audit and the old method of uploading client data used standard FTP was not secure. They now needed to upgrade those systems to use Secure FTP so that client data uploaded to the internet was encrypted during transmission. This was an extract…
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Keydata Applications – Warehouse Logistics Package

Keydata Solutions Limited designs bespoke Warehouse and Storage Application One of our valued customers wanted a windows application to manage their incoming and outgoing deliveries to their warehouse storage facilities. The specification included – Record Inbound deliveries including - Customer Vehicle Registration Trailer registration date and time description type delivery location storage location unique number…
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