iOS or Android – What’s right for you?

First things first, what is iOS and Android? – These are platforms which run on hardware such as smartphones and tablets. Apple is the company who develops iOS and Google are the company who develops Android. It is the operating system of the device, once you have an operating system you are able to download new content such as apps to increase the functionality of the device.

What is the difference between iOS and Android? – This question has been asked many times and is often quite difficult to answer. The basic cut down version is each operating system offers it’s own advantages and disadvantages depending on what type of user you are.

What type of user am I, iOS or Android? – To help we have included some common associations with each operating system:


bullet point You like to have full control over your device
bullet point You enjoy customising your device
bullet point You are OK with fixing the odd issue
bullet point You are naturally technically minded


bullet point You enjoy a device that ‘just works’
bullet point You want a device which is user friendly
bullet point You don’t mind being restricted with some settings on your device
bullet point You don’t have the requirement to heavily customise your device


End Result – Research is key, talk to friends and see why they like their chosen operating system. There will never been a time where one device fits the requirements of every user. Take your time when looking into each option and evaluate which one is best for your own needs.

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