Extend your wifi with MESH

Wireless networking is a brilliant invention. Full network connectivity provided by invisible cables OTA (Over-the-air) direct to your devices. Extending wireless coverage in the home or small business has only been achievable in the past by multiple access points or some form of wireless repeaters being installed.

Although functional, these devices create unwanted latency and, in most cases, reduced bandwidth overall. Resulting in slow downloads, extended response times and buffering issues. Moving from one area of a property to another would also present a connection issue on most devices 'switching' to a different access point.

Newer technologies are now available to provide wifi coverage.

These systems are called MESH and consist of ‘nodes’ that work together to provide an all-encompassing wifi net over a property. This system utilises a different expandable wireless standard (802.11S) that does not consist of separate broadcast zones but is one wireless name and one place your devices connect to. These systems can be massively extended to cover entire city’s if necessary and can consist of anything up to 500 individual nodes.

In most cases properties only require a 3-Node system.

Keydata Solutions now offer a complete MESH installation and configuration service for your home or business. We typically install a 3-node system that can cover an area up to 6000 sq/ft in size. If you're requirements are greater - we can simply install additional nodes as/when needed.

If this sounds of interest and you would like to discuss things further please call the office on 01423 608190 and speak to a member of the team who will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

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