Cloud Services

- for your business

Cloud services is a term which covers a plethora of products and solutions. They help your business stay protected and bring unity across the business. Choosing the required cloud service can be difficult, as each demands configuration and monitoring.

Rest assured, we will take care of everything

Why Use Cloud Services?

Cloud services have evolved over time, they are now more affordable and secure. Technology such as 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) can be used as a second form of authentication. These extra security layers prevent an attacker from unauthorised access to your accounts and prevent accounts from being compromised.

When product and security updates are released, you will receive them automatically without downtime or disruption to your business. A highly stable and reliable platform allows interaction with your clients seamlessly.

Cloud services are crucial for business.

Our cloud services reflect our knowledge and in-depth understanding of business requirements

Ideally, most businesses share similar cloud services such as email, company files and anti-virus products. As part of our services, we will set up, configure and maintain all your products.

  • Setup & Configuration
  • New Feature Updates
  • Full Business Support
  • Security Updates
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Flexible Licencing
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Microsoft 365

As a Microsoft partner, we can offer discounts on all Microsoft products including Exchange, OneDrive and Teams.

Anti-Virus Protection

Our clients benefit from the latest technology in anti-virus protection, it protects against malicious threats and keeps your devices secure.

Anti-Spam Gateway

Stopping phishing attacks and spam before they land in your inbox, this service protects all users in your business.


Fully backup all your critical business files off-site, securely using 256Bit encryption.

Email Signatures

Ensure each staff member has the same email signature to enable consistency throughout the business.

Cloud Storage

Allow your staff to work remotely from anywhere, with secure encryption to your data online.

How Does My Business Get Started?


We Ask

We discuss your business and ask important questions to determine what may be required.


We Listen

No one understands your business more than you, we listen to your answers to familiarise ourselves with the requirements of the business.


We Advise

Our experience and knowledge allow us to suggest a tried and tested solution for your business.


We Launch

We set up, configure and launch your services and provide support if it is required.

Now is the time to get excellent cloud services for your business.