Email Encryption

email encryptionEmail Encryption. With the introduction of GDPR, ways of sending email securely has now become an urgent requirement. Some encryption applications are very cumbersome to use and require the recipient to install software or join the same email encryption package.

We provide a simple answer to data protection which provides compliant encryption in accordance to GDPR 2018. It provides security and confidentiality in electronic transmission without any additional hurdles for recipients. It is compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which became mandatory from May 2018 onwards.

Other very attractive features include -

  • Email Encryption
  • Email Tracking and proof delivery
  • Forensic proof of the sent email and its contents
  • Large files transmission via email up to 1 Gbyte in size
  • Electronic Signatures of Documents or contracts

The Encrypted Email service is designed to provide security and confidentiality for digital mailing without registration or setup by the receiver and with encrypted reply (Secure Reply) option.

The integrated email encryption - in combination with the unique Registered Receipt (GDPR Compliance Record) protects you as the sender against claims for damages associated to possible data protection breaches. You send your emails encrypted and have proof that your email arrived encrypted at the recipient. Thus a possible violation of data protection may therefore only occur after your email has been received by the recipient!

This system ensures by using auto-TLS encryption that confidential information remains confidential. Secure Reply allows recipients to respond encrypted regardless of the platform. Provide real value to your customers and state that the protection of personal information is important to you. It enables encryption with just a mouse click and provides easy integration into existing workflows.

If you are interested in email encryption,  please contact Keydata Solutions Limited by contact form or by calling us on 01423 608190

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